New York Men’s Fashion Week is here and we couldn’t be more excited to see what is in store for this segment in creativity. We will get to have a bigger look at the collective talent of men designers of fashion week. But since we are on the topic of Men’s Fashion week, we wrapped up a few men’s trends in tribute to this fashion segment. Here are the top five trends.

Men’s Chinos

They are transitional pieces that are appropriate enough for the office to a perfect time at happy hour. They come in slimmer fits with variety of optional colors and prints. A couple of ways to wear them are cuffed up or sleek down. Whatever your choice may be, thankfully they aren’t what they used be like back in grade school.

Popover Shirts

A name that embodies the formality of literary compounds.! These babies are on the rise and are a fusion between a polo and a button down shirt. Paving the way for versatility, these shirts are not only just catered to a casual look. Now you can pair a popover with dressier staples such as a blazer to elevate a look into something classy without compromising that comfort that we all admire from the polo.

Jogger Pants

Going on for a second year on trend, jogger pants are awesome staples because of their  aesthetic slim fit looks great with new boots or sneaks. They have also become transitional from the traditional slim sweatpants into variety of textures, from denim, linen to formal pants.

Black and White Checkerboard Print

They are printing “off the runway”. A huge trend paving its way to street style, instead of fresh minimalism. Playful, alternating and versatile with any other color due to its factoring neutral colors.

The Baguette Bag

Utilize a boxy handbag or a structured backpack for a business trip, a mini vacation away or for a casual outing. But these stylish carriers are bags that don’t compromise your masculinity but adds more maleness personality to your look with sophistication.

Thank you for reading! Happy Men’s Fashion Week!

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