Hello fashion lovies! Happy Monday! Well at least try to act like it’s happy. I know many people don’t favor¬†Mondays very much. But as in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work”. ūüôā ¬†Yesterday I was supposed to cover a photoshoot in the Bronx but it ended up cancelling so instead I went out to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies…anime! Normally, I dress further down to go to one of these events but I was already dress for the occasion of the photoshoot so I didn’t bother to change. This look is quite¬†multi-dimensional because of the different textures and patterns from the shoulders down to the feet. Every piece that constitutes this look is dynamic because none of the pieces in any way, shape or form are similar to each other. It’s like they are all doing their own thing but in a coherent baring. The cardigan (Horizontal Striped Cardigan) with it’s thick¬†banded stripes, the crop top¬†Raindrop Crop Top¬†with raindrop prints and occasional little doggies which I personally think is so cute, the jeans (High Waist Ripped Jeans) with extreme rips¬†and ruffles and the boots (Retro Boots) with the retro patterns all creating different dimensions of the look. Aahh, it was also comfortable and casual. You can never go wrong with being casual and¬†comfortable. Thank you for reading and fashionize your warmth! xoxo