Fall is one of my seasons of the year, next to winter and after going through overbearing heats of the Summer, I am always looking forward to the Fall. Since the days are getting cooler with chills, it’s safe to say, Summer sandals, it’s time to go. Bring out your Fall footwear and coziest inner and outerwear to the forefront. When it comes to this season’s fashion, there are must-have Fall essentials that you should definitely be in your wardrobe. You want to keep your wardrobe updated and fresh with a few of these Fall fashion essentials.

Chunky Knits

For starters, I love a good ol’ cozy chunky knit to keep me warm throughout the Fall into the Winter. When it comes to chunky knits, I can never shy away from the texture and stitch detailing which makes this sweater so unique. It’s perfect for the cooler temperatures and for those days when you really want to feel comfy but still chic.

Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are a daring favorite of mines because not only are they immensely stylish but they keep your legs entirely warm from the elements. You can wear it a skirt or a set pair of jeans, and don’t forget to pair it with that knit. For days when it’s a little warm, you can transition to the over-the-knee boots and still achieve the same look.

Duster Coats

Another one of my favorite Fall essentials is a duster coat. You can never go wrong with this coat that is utterly chic and can be worn with almost anything. It’s appropriate for the chilly and not-so chilly days. It is a must-have that will effortlessly make you look put together and all around cozy at the same time.


Plaid is one of my favorite prints alongside, houndstooth. There is just something about plaid that is timeless and never goes out of style in the Fall season. It’s an essential that can be worn in many ways and in pieces. From tops, skirts to pants and jackets, you just can’t get enough of it. Well, I know I can’t for sure.


I used to have this love/hate relationship with turtlenecks in my younger years. One day, I feel great wearing it and then another day, I couldn’t stand the sight of it. I guess back then, I didn’t fully grow into the neck restriction sort of thing. But now, a turtleneck is definitely a must-have fall essential that eternally will be a part of my wardrobe. You can dress up or down a turtleneck, all awhile keep a chic and cozy palette, not just for the Fall but for the transition into the Winter season.

What are some your favorite must-have Fall essentials for this season? Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!