I just received my free gift with my JustFab order. I am not a lipstick person but I have a couple of my favs that I actually like to wear when not using lip gloss. This is my first Mark Kay product. The shade is called “mystic plum” (how ironic…matches one of my alias names “mysticjcreole”). Its a subtle deep shade of purple and I say subtle because it is not very deep. Here are the pros.; the application is very smooth and I love that it is moisturizing so your lips does not feel dry nor does it feel like it will dry out. I am still wearing it at this very moment! lol. The packaging of the lipstick itself is nice and slick. Cons; color gradually fades but not very fast throughout the day. Also it wipes off with no ease which is what I didn’t like about it. So you have to make sure nothing touches your lips or you will have smeared or smudged lip color all over your face.  Thank you for reading!