Last Saturday, I attended a blogger event at the L Lounge in Harlem. The event was hosted by CoSign,Inc. a digital technological company that utilizes the latest technology to transform images and videos into virtual storefronts by allowing users to tag, share and shop the items what they see on social media. CoSign also rewards a commission on any purchase made as a result of a user’s photo.

It was a small and intimate setting with a good amount of people attending.  You wrote your name on your name tag then sat down to sign up with C0Sign online so you would later have access to try out their beta app.

One of the staff members of CoSign, Nely Rivera who I met, explained how the app worked and we did a test run using a few of the accessories they provided on their table for a style picture.

Here’s how it works:

1. Snap a pic of your outfit, shoes, or any other product you love.
2. Tag the pic to tell your social network the retailer, designer, and cost of the item using CoSign.
3. Share the pic on your favourite social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.
4. Earn cash as your friends and followers like, want, and buy your items!
 Pretty easy right? You can instantly upload your outfit for your followers to see and received info on the item your tagged and shared.

Since there were so many stylish bloggers at the event, a few us engaged in a five-minute photo shoot right outside of the lounge.

CoSign partners with over 1200 of the top retailers and brands ranging from apparel to home goods.

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