Happy New Year fashion lovies!. I hope you enjoyed your NYE and look forward to a great new year. Be thankful for all that you have accomplished in the previous year and look forward to new insights, adventures and trying accomplishments. I have some goals and dreams in mind and I am determined to make them happen. While many people went out in the brisk coldness of NYE night, I stayed at my boyfriend’s house and we cooked a New Year’s dinner. I love cooking with my hubby even though I do most of the cooking but he definitely helps out. After dinner, we went to his brother’s house and played trivia games, drank champagne and Moscato, which is now my favorite drink by the way and video games. So it was pretty relaxing and fun in the comfort of a warm house.

For my NYE look, I wanted to be comfortable and warm and of course I stuck to gold and black tones which were New Year’s colors. What was better than starting off the New Year with a fierce tiger? (from Love Culture) I fell in love with this sweater especially with the fact that it has striped bangled print on the left arm alone. I layered my sweater over a sleeveless button front knot shirt (from Fang) which I decided to wear the shirt without the knot and left it hanging in the front for a more relaxed look. The red beanie (Joyce Leslie) was for a pop of color plus I love how warm and soft it as well. The sneaker wedges (Bucco) had gold embellishments which was perfect to go along with my jewelry. New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to pull out your most blingy and sparkling outfit but you can always take up the alternative of comfy when staying closer to home. Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!