On Tuesday, February 11, Mahna Mahna co-hosted NY style award cocktail party at their showroom for NOLCHA fashion week. Mahna Mahna is a fashion company that specializes in renting high end clothes, shoes and accessories to style editors, fashion stylists and celebrities. I had the opportunity to have a first time experience at one of these venues through a fashion blogger group on Meetup. Awesome group of girls might I add. The showroom were full of racks and racks of name brand shoes and clothes with reasonable prices and not so reasonable prices. I remember one dress that I looked at and it cost around the $300 bracket rental for one day and for a week it cost around the $700 bracket. I might as well buy the got’ damn thing if I am going to spend that much on it. There were also a section glamorous purses,bags and clutches. I met the designer of the bags RIta and one of her staff members Jill and were very generous in offering to send me samples of the collection to promote on my blog for future reference. I couldn’t say no to that!. I took up close pictures of some of my favorites shoes, dresses and pieces that I found interesting as well as some of the purses/clutches collection that I really favored. Thank you for reading and stay fabulous!