Last month, during New York Fashion Week, I attended NOLCHA Fashion Week (once again) to see the “Collective Show” for S/S 2016. Three independent talented designers showcased their pieces, each unraveling the creations they merely brought to life. The runway displayed Couture to Ready to Wear collections.

Danny Nguyen Couture

The first collection focused on variety of sequenced colors, color-blocking, elegant and flowing luxe silhouettes with intricate amount of detailed textures. I continually enjoy viewing Nguyen’s designs and never seizes to amaze me. Every other gown is different from the last and the aesthetics blow me away. No one dress looks the same. This collections oozes elegance and pervades this Fall runway show.

 Acid NYC

The second collection was “Ready to Wear” focusing deeply on bold colors and loud prints and patterns. There were a few off-set of textures at work as well. Placement of colors were well sequenced and paired with bold solid colors to create a color balance between the pieces.

Intrepid by A’OC

The last collection focused on simplicity, mostly cool contrasts (black and white) and a few desert shades. A couple blended textures at play and soft silhouettes with practicality. I also enjoyed the embroidery on particular gowns that crossed the runway.

Which was your favorite collection? Till next New York fashion week. Thank you for reading!