Last month, during New York Fashion Week, I attended the NOLCHA Shows F/W 16′ presented by Neogrid at the Art Beam Gallery in Downtown Manhattan. Two completely different designers showcased some remarkable pieces encompassing one similarity they shared, a sheer use of storytelling. The utilization of colors, shapes and structuring brought a compelling sense  and notions of endearment (Soufflesong) and narrative (Rohitava Banerjee). Both designs were enrolled in an expressive sensibility and an artistic spirit.


The first designer showcased what you call “Lolita” fashion. An indie clothing which isn’t considered mainstream or conventional but subculture in fashion.  It is an acquired sense of taste in fashion and particular geared to females who like to express their style in intricate costumes that is based on Victorian clothing. Lolita fashion has evolved in different sub-styles in which this case Soufflesong’s line focuses on gothic, classic and sweet. This collection was breath-taking with intricate fabrications of embroidery (frills), color metaphors, printed landscapes and variety of dressy themes. Streamlined layering was impressive. Although Lolita fashion is not exactly my style, but theses garments may have given me a second thought.

Rohitava Banerjee

This collection was inspired by pure fantasy and reflected a sense of storytelling. Many of the pieces were sculptural silhouettes, highlighting unexpected shapes with unique color palettes, each creating its’s own stylistic statement. Each design signatures inspiration drawn from Greece present and mythical past.

Which collection did you favor the most? Thank you for reading!