New York Fashion Week had some amazing designers whose collections I had the chance to view. But one of the newest things I came across was the EMERGE 2014 fashion runway show taken place at the Leman Preparatory School in downtown Manhattan. Like Nolcha Fashion Week, EMERGE is a niche fashion platform for unique and independent emerging designers coming from various countries around the world, allowing designers to showcase their artistic work, creativity and innovative ideas “brought to life”.  But one of the most exciting moments I experienced at attending EMERGE was witnessing the legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson and of course, runway coach from America’s Next Top Model, Ms.Jay. For this season, the fashion innovator award was presented by Ms. Jay to Ms. Beverly Johnson. After she had made a speech, Ms. Johnson took a strut down the runway before making her exit. It was such an honor just to see the first African-American supermodel who graced the covers of VOGUE magazine and paved the way for other women of color who pursued modeling.

The first collection to grace the runway was Pret – a – Porter by Danny Nguyen. A collection of tonality, scheme of graphic colors and tones, like in a painting. Exhibiting pattern play, adding whimsical dimension to the garments and rendered in artful signatures. Along with bearded accessories, it’s hard to miss a look as such.

The second collection was by Michael Alan Stein. Using neutral toned palettes, and array of eye-popping yet subtle color placements, this collection oozes sophistication and a refine edge. Enjoying an underlie of asymmetrical hemlines, creating an enduring poise of architecture and natural simplicity.

The third collection to showcase was ZHIZHU by Jonathan Bund. With the perpetuance of asian elements, this edgy and graphic monochromatic set of garments offsets a play of pattern placement, mild mixture of fabrics and curated design variations, featuring more focus on the pants.

The fourth collection was called Tina Maries by Tina Hughes. Balanced with light, layered mix of patterns and soft toned separates, it makes the cut with simple and chic fabrications.

Proceeding was the menswear collection by Eaden Myles. The stylish power suit, redefined with tonal, tailoring and structured suiting. Using a mix of rich bold and neutral colors, it opts for a captivating luxe of curated looks.

Once more, Danny Nguyen shows off another one of his collection; Couture. Talk about extravagant! Lavished with mixtures of textural jacquards, bold colors, textiles and detailed embroidery, the aesthetics are quite remarkable. Gowns are modern, sculptural silhouettes in luxurious fabrics that evokes effortless elegance.

Last, but not least the AEONA collection by Seanna Sharpe. Falls in line with a cool mix of sculptural tailoring and flowing silhouettes. Garments curated in a daring, yet subtle cage-front, intricate cutouts and belted details.