During New York Fashion Week, one of the first shows I had attended was Style Fashion Week. I viewed four talented designers’ collections displaying amazing pieces that were very refreshing and solitary in characteristics.  There were two children’s clothing lines and two womenswear. Evening wear to cocktail was mostly the theme of the showcases.

Bentley + Lace By Elizabeth Copeland

This first collection focused on mixtures of bold colors, use of accents and extravagant silhouettes integrated in array of intricate textures and textiles. There were impressive aesthetics with beautiful embroidery, embellishments and structuring. This was one the best children’s line I have come across so far.

 Shalini Arts

The second collection focused on fun and bold colors, versatility of pieces and the downtown girl sensibility. The designs came with simplicity and opting for monochromatic palettes from head to toe, exuding a clean look.

Mariandree Gaitan

Wedding dresses are always captivating but it can easily become generic. This collection focused on what most wedding gowns are all about…the aesthetics; sheer accents, soft silhouettes, embellishment, embroideries/textures and luxe tailoring. The gowns created magic down the runway with their new non-conventional styles while still adhering to elegance and sophistication.

Janay Deann Designs

This last collection was pretty similar to the first one with the exception of color and structuring. These fine array were more cool contrasted with mod graphics. There were definitely textures at play and different transitions of structuring, making each piece very unique from the next.

Which was your favorite collection? Thank you for reading!