On the first day of New York Fashion Week, this was the second showcase I was able to attend and the collections were all unique and captivating in their own way. No one collection were alike and reflected each designer’s essence as an artist and of who they as a designer.

1st Designer – Adrian Escoto

Exhibited a lot of shapes, more architectural shaping of the patching and used a blue theme along with other tonal colors. He also demonstrated varieties of structuring in each style of look.

2nd Designer – Bianca Zidik

She used a pink/magenta theme or palette with variety of textures and fun shapes as well. Very 70s and hipster with statement pieces to all looks.

3rd Designer – Melody Hernandez

This designer also played with a lot of texture, fabrics and structuring. Each outfit had its own look and style but still manage to have some cohesiveness.

4th Designer – Julissa Arrington

I found this collection to be pretty interesting. The strait-jacket theme was very unique and was used as the based for every look even though not all was apparent. The white palette also made it look more clean-cut, chic and stylish.

5th Designer – Devon Pezzano

Although the pieces encompassed simplicity, it was just about the structuring that made it stood out. Red was the theme and I always enjoy this material being used in unconventional ways in fashion.

6th Designer – Mimmy Begazo

Unconventional is written all over. This designer is all about playing with shapes, textures and architectural structuring. The pieces had such intricate detailing and was well made. Each look told their own story through visualization.

7th Designer – Rene Mejia

This collection was chic and simple. Nothing really over the top but it was more about the silhouettes in pretty, subdued hues with elegance.

8th Designer – Esther Ashiru

Here are some dresses that would make an iconic statement in floor-length with luxe details. The detailing was breathtaking and graced runway.

9th Designer – Maria D’Ocon

This last collection had a bit of an ethereal feel to it and you can never go wrong with white. Also had luxe details with lace and sheer accents. The line was very elegant and polished.

If you really enjoyed the pictures, you can watch the whole show by clicking the link below. Until then, thank you for reading and let me know what you thought about the collections. Enjoy!

The Art Institutes Runway Show