On February 9th, Oxford Fashion Group debuted their amazing pool of upcoming and emerging designers for New York Fashion Week FW19′ at Pier 59 Studios. Staging part 1 and 2 shows respectively, both sessions became a full house with many fashion attendees to fill the room. Here, we are going to focus on show 2 of Oxford Fashion Group. Each designer’s aesthetic and creative style was unique and invigorating. Continue to scroll to see the collections.

Oxford Fashion Studio Group


Unapologetic like bad girl RiRi, Doyeon Yoni Yu’s creations are the epitome of celebrating body equality and liberating women from a fatphobic shaming society. Her collection supports body positivity and size inclusivity.

Out- of- Order

Streetwear never is bounded by the rules of fashion. It’s an inclusive outlet for individuals to experimentally seek expression of themselves while staying true to oneself. Just like the brand name OUT OF ORDER suggests; not to be bound by order and conformities of social norms with heavy embroidered pieces and striking bold prints. “Fashion to us is not simply just about adorning a certain style but more akin a vehicle for people to express themselves and share thoughts”.

Delayne Dixon 

Living on the edge” is the name of this game. Delayne constructed contained pieces that are romantic and always with a cutting edge, alternative twist. Her collection was inspired by the empowered woman are not afraid to step out of the societal standards.


Unique and speaks volumes. Her collection is no louder than her interdisciplinary artistry. Her designs and inspirations are rooted in femininity, relationships, personal narrative, and gender politics.

Pheren Couture 

This collection was entirely inspired by fantasy, historical fashion, architectures from Romanesque to Rococo era, nature and music. It’s elegant, feminine and romantic but with an unfavorable fate.


Quaint was an absolute favorite. Not only does this collection eloquently speaks “chic” but the inspirations and modern aesthetics are what illuminates each piece with clean, sharp lines, color, and soft textiles. 

What was your favorite look(s) or collection?