Last Monday, I joined the gals from NYC Fashion Bloggers for a day of pampering at the Hibba NYC in Midtown Manhattan. If you aren’t familiar with their services, they are basically a spa and salon providing services ranging from hair body removal and eyebrow threading. Given the fact, I have had the experience of eyebrow threading in the past,  I am not sure if I would technically call it “pampering” but metaphorically….perhaps. While I took some time to contemplate on whether I should get my brows threaded, I helped myself to some delicious refreshments!

When it was finally my turn to step up to the chair of nostalgia that conjured a memory of a dreadful experience with eyebrow threading, I sucked it up and took it like man!

Oh the torture and suffering just to obtain beauty! Is it really worth it? HA! Not when it comes to threading the brows it isn’t. Fortunately, the second time around wasn’t as bad as my first and  thankfully, I survived the pain and the redness that came along with it, this was my result…

I tried it but there is no need for penciling my eyebrows, it’s just too much for me. But I appreciated the service!  We also enjoyed lovely giveaways such as a certificate to five eyebrow threading sessions (not that I am very excited to get threaded on. lol) and goodie bags from our sponsor JustFab.

With blogger member Erica and the eyebrow expert.

Blogger member Kinna. After all was said and pain done, I was left with a “not so dreadful” memory to look back and ponder on. I had a blast with my gals!