Hello! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Saturday weather! As the weather is starting to make its seasonal transition, it’s only a matter of time til’ the lovely summer blooms fall to the ground once again which means no more summer dressing! 🙁

For my outfit, I started off with a Forever 21 printed silhouette blouse and blouses like this are great due to breathability, softness and the ability to dress up or dress down a look. Moreover, I was steadily going for a dress down look. I added some Wax Jeans shorts and matching to the blouse, Bakers wedges.

I chose to rock an opposite patternized London Fog messenger bag. The pattern of the bag didn’t need to match print on the blouse. That’s what experimenting with prints and patterns are all about!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the Charlotte Russe bracelet had a tiger pattern on it. Ahh, the more the merrier!

Adding a Forever 21 rectilinear statement necklace against a print of squares reflects a capture of geometries.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful and fashionable weekend!