Hey there fashion lovers. Sorry for the MIA I seriously need to give my blog some more TLC. I can’t let my supporters/ fans (you) down by not dishing out stylish inspirations and curated looks in a timely manner. That’s no no, but give me a chance to redeem myself. I know it looks a bit funny how I started this post with a picture of me looking a bit petrified and surprised. I though it would be amusing. Oh yeah great news! I finally got my first pair of jogger pants! lol

The textured tote bag here that I wore with my look is from Love Culture.

I love mixing gold and silver jewelry cause it’s a elevation and adds more dimension to the look. I love this neck piece from H&M because it’s edgy, futuristic and modern.

This look was all about risks with pattern play. I remixed some energetic prints for an artful play on pattern. Also, the animal print cardigan was sitting in my closet for so long. So this was the first time wearing it. I layered a Cotton Express tribal sleeveless blouse with a Bongo leopard print cardigan and paired the tops with a H&M black jogger pants accented with gold aesthetics . Lastly, I threw on some Zigi Soho nude pumps to balance out the prints.

Beautifully ended my night with a fountain in silhouette. Thank you for reading and happy styling!

Photo Credit: Tray Lover