I was very exciting to purchase my first em product from Michelle Phan’s cosmetic line. I am a big follower of hers and she’s a inspiration of the things she does. While I am not a big make up person myself, I do enjoy eye shadows, liners, lip gloss and contouring. So I bought this product because I always wanted to try contouring and sculpting myself but I didn’t really know any other make up brands that actually carry contouring products so this was number one for me! If you do know any lines that hold contouring products, share some knowledge here. This product has four tones: fair, light, medium and deep. I chose the medium since I am light to medium tone….depending on the season. It’s a duo application stick. The right side is the contour and the left side is the highlighter. You have to create a balance of light and shadow to create a sculpting appearance you are going for. After applying it, I realized that the contour application color was too close to my skin tone. I would have to get the light tone because the contour color is a little dark which will create more shadow. I can still use this one but I have to apply and layer it a little more to create the contrast between it and my skin tone. The consistency is velvet-like so it feels smooth and applies smoothly onto the skin. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is interested in contouring their features. Thank you for reading and wish you the best!