Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going off with a great start! This fall is getting pretty cold and fast. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if winter began a month earlier. But…I wouldn’t complain since I love the winter. Good luck to all you suckers out there who love the summer! Joking!…Or maybe not…hehe.

I wanted to project a casual, city chic fall look so of course I went with the most conspicuous hue color; rusty yellow. As my starting palette, I wore a black contemporary mesh blouse with sparkling textured wrist cuffs and neckline which added a dressy tone to the ensemble. I, then layered the top with a Rachel Zoe rusty yellow cardigan sweater.

Instead of going for a single-toned pair of blue jeans, I decided to spice things up with a pair of Foxy Lady acid jeans for a bit of edge. Threw on a pair of Mandee black pumps, a rusty yellow bag for cohesiveness and bam! Look completed.

I love and hate this Nasty Gal necklace. I love the duo-tones of rose gold and white so depending on the color palette of the outfit you are wearing. One chain can stand out more than the other but is deflected with balance by the other chain which is why it is a statement necklace. On the flip side, this necklace is just too darn heavy and I am not a fan of heavy jewelry weighing me down.  But it is nice to wear now and then. Thank you for reading and happy October styling!