Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Nola Crow Founder & Owner of: 4373 Fashion Lane Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Fashion Writer We struggle so much in our daily lives. We aim to be great spouses, husbands, wives and children. However, what happens to your spirit, when your mistakes overshadow who you are as a person, in someone else’s eyes? So, I made a mistake! I spoke out of term and my words were received horribly. As a result, I was called heartless. Big deal right? Not if that person is a husband or wife.

In church or the Bible, it’s written and spoken that words have power. I foolishly assumed that my spouse knew me enough to, “know,” what my intentions were. I forgot that my past mistakes are forever sealed in his memory of Spouseville. What is Spouseville? Spouseville is a place spouses go to collect memories of past events and remind you of what was said.

What do I do, now? Cry. That’s exactly what I did. There is a lot of pressure on spouses to maintain the gatekeeper role: daily chores, maintaining love, family and passion in a marriage and today was not my day at all. I cried from the time I dropped our child off to camp, home, in the tub (for an hour) & finally after listening to Prince of repeat I was able to climb in the bed and take a nap.

Say your sorry and state what your intentions were.
Time heals all wounds- but it depends on the person affected.
Pray on it.
Remember what happened and make an effort to never allow it to happen again.
Remember, there is a chance the person will never forget or forgive you. Be prepared for that hard dose of reality. In our careers this same sentiment is possible. Be prepared for all reactions. I wasn’t! I’m human.


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