Buurr! It was so cold on Tuesday, November 19th. You think I would be crazy in the head to wear something like this in the evening. Not to worry, I wore my trusty heat tech leggings and boots to keep me warm in the wicked windy weather. This was ultimately the outfit I wore to the Fashion & Finance Networking event.  My look was simple but with some details. I absolutely adore the star dress (Forever 21) and loved the flaring of the bottom of the dress. The necklace I wore looked like revolving plants and against the dress, it resembled a solar system which is how I came up the title name of this blog post. The poncho like cardigan (H&M) is actually of its own outfit look. I just decided to removed the cotton belt which it had and wore it over the dress soften and create an elegant look. The heels (Love Culture) were a last-minute thing. It was not originally the heels I had plan to wear with the attire but I couldn’t find what I was looking in store so I bought them and I love it in the end. Thanks for reading and stay fashionably warm!