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You might be wondering what is wrong with the photos on the side.  For the very first time, and hopefully the last I removed my head from the photo.  I was having a bad hair day and I could not allow you, my fellow fashionistas to see the catastrophe and condition my hair was in, so I had to do what needed to be done. LOL. But let’s focus our eyes on the outfit, shall we?

I was invited to a fashion show on Friday, November 21 at the PHD hotel; gorgeous venue and decor. This was my fabulous outfit that I wore and the signatures piece of this look was the peplum jacket vest (Nasty Gal) and the sparkling skirt (Charlotte Russe). I love how they complement each other because not only are they neutral dark hues but solids and textured pieces are usually cohesive. I threw a printed top to amp up the tone of the look. With a dark hued and edgy outfit, you want to brighten and soften the look with something bright or light. So I completed my ensemble with a tan/purple bag for a hint of softness. Thanks for reading and stay fashionably warm!