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A Night of Coach & Casual Classics

Hey fashion lovies! I hoped you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend and “all you can eat’ smorgasbord. Now that Turkey Day has passed, we got the next holiday to focus on. But let’s back track for a bit. Remember on the…

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Farfetch #TheOne Ultimate Fashion Piece

Happy Monday or should I say Happy Columbus Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their lovely weekend and got to kick back and relax. Today, I am celebrating with Farfetch, a luxury online fashion company, with their new brand campaign finding…

What I Wore

Classy Chic Meets Street Edge

Hmmm… where should I start? Oh yea! Hey everyone! I’ve missed you all and I haven’t forgotten about you. Just been going through some reconstruction. So down below is obviously a picture of me or my hand holding a glass,…

What I Wore

The Downtown Girl

Happy Memori]al Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with fun festivities. I spent my weekend working but it wasn’t unfortunate because it is an easy job done with awesome people. The only thing I didn’t enjoy so far was…

What I Wore

2 Modes in A Spotlight

I recently had an interview Darryl Madison from the New York Style Guide Magazine about my dual engagement via blogging and modeling. That day, I was in “blogger mode” and if time had permitted us, I would have also done…