How to Style a Sweater

Happy Saturday everyone! Where has the week gone? It went pretty fast, well for me anyways. The time is gradually getting colder and colder and one staple I love wearing are knit sweaters. They are versatile and can be dressed up…


What Do You Wear to the Gym?

First thing, first. Do you go to the gym? If not, you suck! Just kidding. Not all of us have that sort of dedication to be a couch potato, but that’s OK. 😉 But seriously, if you are a gym person,…

What I Wore

Lace Me Around, Bodysuit

Hello fashion lovies. Happy Wednesday or hump day! I have a busy week coming up so I am preparing myself but this month has been pretty proactive in general. But I have to keep you up to date on my…

What I Wore

The Oversized Varsity Jacket

Happy Thursday fashion lovies! I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. This was my very first varsity jacket ever!  I have never even tried on one in until I saw the jacket for the first time in forever 21 (Oversized Varsity Jacket)….