How to Style a Sweater

Happy Saturday everyone! Where has the week gone? It went pretty fast, well for me anyways. The time is gradually getting colder and colder and one staple I love wearing are knit sweaters. They are versatile and can be dressed up…

What I Wore

The Leopard Influencer

As I sat and enjoyed a splendid glass of sparkling wine in a luxuriant closet room, unwinding from the strenuous perks of NYC life…Oh nevermind that! Happy Thursday everyone! I went to a soiree held for a Tory Burch launch and since I…

What I Wore

A Smooth Houndstooth

Hello fashion lovers! I feel so much like a smooth criminal in this outfit. I went to a fashion show called “The Collision” by Attitude Apparel and a date night to the movies with my hubby. There are several signature…

What I Wore

Artsy Printed

Shopping time at the mall! For this look, I was going for relaxed, very printed and artsy. With a solid gray stone shirt and a deep denim blue with faded streaks. I folded the bottom of the pants to give a more…