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5 Men Style Essentials for Spring

Last week, we focused more on Spring style essentials for the ladies. This time we are going to focus on the counterpart; men style updates. I mean it’s only fair, right? If you are looking to do some wardrobe-upgrading then…

What I Wore

The New Bold and Stripes

I love taking a stroll around in Soho. There is always something artsy going on or you can always find lovely neighborhood settings for backdrops. That is pretty much what I was doing. lol. I was hittin’ the streets of…


First Look with Hot Fashion Trends on the Brr

Get ready to outshine everyone in your party circuit for the holidays. Hot trends to heat up the cold season, metaphorically, speaking. If you need ideas here’s a first look into a few December’s fashion trends. Enjoy! Slack yet practical Sequined…