OMG! What’s Trending Now?

Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and are trying something new! Oh yea don’t forget to give someone a nice big hug. They might need it. So this is going to be pretty short. I was…

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Find Your Strong Suit

Are you getting ready for the summer? Do you have plans of traveling to another state or even another country? Enjoy the breathtaking tropics, beautiful romanticized beaches and captivating scenery. Or maybe you have a goal this season to get…

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Office Wardrobe Staples

Figuring out what is office appropriate but staying stylish simultaneously at that, can be a bit of a challenge. No one wants to wear the same old traditional clothes to work every day. We won’t feel or look confident nor…

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Easy Weekend Chic

Hey fashion babes! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. I had a pretty busy but exciting weekend myself. Eh, I can’t complain. Aside from that, I attended a swimwear fashion show a few weeks ago, so as the stylish…