Hello my fashionistas! It’s time to discuss a makeup review! So I received my first airbrush makeup at Temptu and I must say it showed amazing results after completion. The makeup was applied on my face with a first coat of a light shade to match my skin then a second layer of a darker shade was applied only to certain areas on my face to even out my skin. Proceeding, a rose pink blush was applied along my cheeks bones with upward strokes. Comparatively, it retains a more refined and smoother look than the ordinary application of makeup and it is versatile in how you can apply it.
If you want a light coverage, you would apply a thin coat just to smooth out mild imperfections. If you are looking for medium coverage then you would layer another coat and so on for full coverage to completely cover imperfections. It’s all about the layering ladies. So what is great about this product is that you don’t have to buy separate makeup palettes that only provide certain coverage as in light, medium or full. Temptu airbrush is all – in – one. Ideal for normal or dry skin, perhaps combination as well.
Not ideal for oily skin: I noticed after several hours of wear, I touched my skin and some of the makeup easily rubbed off onto my finger signaling that it may stain anything it comes in contact with it. I think because of the oils on your skin, it breaks up the hold of the makeup especially since it is liquid foundation used for the airbrushing. Eventually my makeup was starting to look a little cakey which I really dislike.
So I don’t recommend this to people of oily skin as myself but it was a cool first experience and i enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!