Happy Wednesday everyone! Yesterday was such a hot Tuesday. With piercing rays of the sun and overwhelming ardent winds…no, that was what my sister experienced. Fortunately for me, I took a step outside in the afterhours of the sun’s hottest times. It was still hot but bearable and the winds were a tad cooler. However, the heat became overbearing by the minute like as if I was sitting inside of a sauna and trying to withstand the heat for an entire hour. So I just ran errands in a terrestrial sauna. Yeah… that was pretty much my day. Let’s get to dissecting!

I wore one of my favorite fashion staples…a crop top and paired it with a pencil skirt. It is pretty lucid that the pieces were all about geometrical figures. The Joyce Leslie crop top exhibited embellished sided triangular shapes resembling the rewind action on a DVR and patterned shapes on the Charlotte Russe pencil skirt. I can’t identify what shape they are but if you keep staring at it long enough, they start to look like little eyes.:D. These relaxed shapes inspire a jet set attitude. Not only that, but a Nasty Gal body chain in addition created an even stronger yet elegant look. I, then threw in some neutral hues such as the 2Cute nude belt and the Love Culture nude sandals.

You can’t forget a pair of Chloe aviator shades and a glossy Michael Kors tote bag to top it all off. Thank you for reading and happy styling!