Hello fashion lovies! Happy snow day! The streets were covered in snow today and i did want to take a stroll around outside but I am going to be honest, I was downright too lazy to put on layers. But the scenery of the snow was pretty. As for the post, I wore this outfit on Friday to a “non – happening” blogger event. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the venue, no one showed up except two other people and myself. The very person who organized the event wasn’t even present which was very disappointing but I did connect with the two other attendees and swapped contact info.

I was in the mood for a cozy and structured look, which is why I wore a button down collared and monochrome mod shirt layered with a “belted” sweater for contrast. I also fell in love with the sweater; it is not worn in the usual way. The belt is worn outside streaming into the inside of the sweater which simultaneously leaves it opened so it is a unique piece. You can never go wrong with leggings because it goes with anything and everything,. For another turn of color, I just had to pair my outfit with my burgundy mid-calf boots to complete the look. I really love the bag (Arcadia) because it has a holographic color effect. Hope you guys enjoyed my look. Thank you for reading  and stay fashionably warm! xoxo