Nowadays, everything is “Couture” and is one of the most misused terms in the fashion industry. Like relevant terms as such so loosely thrown around, it removes the value and meaning of the word.  A common misuse of the word  is promoting an exotic sense of intellectual expression for one to sound a bit smart or fancy. But what is the true definition of Haute Couture?


Haute Couture is french for high fashion” or “high sewing” and refers to custom-made clothing that is constructed from scratch, from start to finish. The word Haute means “high” and pieces are usually handcrafted (exceptional sewers) in high quality fabric, with careful attentiveness to details which is why Couture clothing remarkably look so effortless. Not only is it delegated to be hand-execution but a garment is specifically tailored, meeting all the required measurements of the client. With the amount of time, work and effort that is put into making Couture garments, one does not have to deem how expensive they will be priced. On the flip side, Haute Couture garments are not “Ready-to-Wear” or your normal contemporary piece of clothing that you can strut down the street with. They are architectural, sculptural and highly exotic attire with an outward “Avant-Garde” appearance. Usually most suitable and appropriate for runways, very upscale fashion forward events such as the Met Gala, awards shows and editorial shoots. But one day, I think we all hope to slip on a true Haute Couture garment. Thank you for reading!