Sorry for the lack of fashion updates for the past few days. I have been M.I.A for a bit but now let’s get down to business. I had a little selfie photo shoot today but the outfit was actually worn last Saturday to the movies. What movie you ask? Thor…I really enjoyed it and I couldn’t complain. As for my outfit, I forgot this was one of my favorite sweaters (Ann Taylor) and found it in my drawer not too long ago. Layered my black and white blouse (Forever 21) and you can never go wrong with basic neutral color blouses because they go with everything. Although the sweater is off white, my textured boots were white and if you understand my style, I don’t engage exact color matching all the time, rather I enjoy wearing that one piece that is off or stands out. The beanie (Charlotte Russe) was actually a bonus to the outfit today. It was not originally part of the look from Saturday but my hair wasn’t done so I decided to throw it on and it sure turn out pretty well. Thanks for reading and stay fashionably warm!