So…”Do you model?” “Are you a model? I can tell!, You look a model.” “How long have you been modeling?” “Are you signed or do you freelance?” “You must be a model!” “You must been modeling for a long time.” Apparently, these are common questions and statements I always get from others, whether in a personal or business manner. I always found it flattering when I used to be mistaken for one. After all, I was only a blogger…”WAS”. I could only imagine, the most or “near to” modeling was posing in clothes for style posts. Ok, technically, it is still “modeling” but I am explicitly talking on a different degree. It took a while for me to step up to the plate because well… at first I wasn’t really convinced and it took a lot of thorough thinking, self-reflecting, peers and my dad to finally push me in that direction. When my dad said “you might as well do it, since people think you are one”,  and then BAM! From that day forward I had made up my mind to pursue a career in modeling. It was a year after in was one year into my blogging, I did my first photo-shoot (2014), then in January of 2015, I did my first runway show. I was scared, overtaken with nerves and on top of that my skin was going through some things so my makeup didn’t look up to par so I panicked…I panicked so much that the designer had to calm me down. Luckily at the time of the show, I got to walk with my friend (who wasn’t a model btw) and it helped loosen me up.

Now photo-shoots were another thing. Although, taking pictures was a thing I was used to as a child, I didn’t understand models had to have fluidity. When I started out with photo shoots, I was pretty stiff because I was a “poser” and always wondered what would be my next pose which lead to over-analyzing myself. I had to learn how to go with the flow, just do what my body feels, be fluid and as a result, the photo would come out looking natural.

I can probably say I love modeling just as much as I love blogging and since then I have learned and progressed so much. Met new people, created new relationships, came across great opportunities and ongoing. I walked in so many runway shows, big and small just within my first year of modeling.

Being published in and on front covers of magazines was one of my biggest accomplishments as a model so far and it’s only the beginning for there will be bigger and better things coming. I would like to thank my family, all my of friends, peers, haters (lol) and fans for all the love, support and who hope to see me reach the top and I couldn’t ask for any more. Thank you for taking this continuous journey with me and just wait, there will be more to come!