What I Wore

The New Bold and Stripes

I love taking a stroll around in Soho. There is always something artsy going on or you can always find lovely neighborhood settings for backdrops. That is pretty much what I was doing. lol. I was hittin’ the streets of…

What I Wore

The Downtown Girl

Happy Memori]al Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with fun festivities. I spent my weekend working but it wasn’t unfortunate because it is an easy job done with awesome people. The only thing I didn’t enjoy so far was…

What I Wore

Casual Class Act

TGIF! It’s time to resume with my style looks. Of course I was going for an edgy and comfy look, using casual classics. Slipped on a cozy knit-cardigan over a fun, rocky, printed shirt. I had to whip out the distressed jeans…