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Hey, fashion lovies!  Happy Sunday! Welcome to another post of NYFW Wardrobe Series. It’s a little overdue but better late than never, right?. This is a roundup of all my looks I wore during this past Fashion Week back in September.   So just scroll down to see my looks!

NYFW Wardrobe Series

Day 2

NYFW Wardrobe Series

Pearl Denim Jacket: PRIMARK (similar) | Top: ANN TAYLOR (can no longer get) | Tearaway Track Pants: PRIMARK (similar| White Booties: IMPO (same) | Bag: FOREVER 21 (similar) | Sunglasses: ARMANI EXCHANGE (similar) 

I focused on a sport-luxe look with casual elements. Sometimes, I like to make a print a focal point and styling around that element. Pairing it with a tearaway track pants which I cannot get enough of and an oversized denim jacket embellished with pearls for that touch of sophistication. I opted for white booties for contrast and a structured cognac bag to keep the luxe-ness fresh.

Day 3

Trench Coat: BERETTA (similar) | Oversized Button Up Shirt: PRIMARK (similar| Denim Jeans: OLD NAVY (same)|  Booties: MODERN VICE (similar) | Bag: FOREVER 21 (similar) | SunglassesBOOHOO (similar)

The power of monochrome…for the most part. This was one of my favorite looks. Wearing a button-up shirt paired with duo-tone denim jeans and denim booties with cognac paneling. I love the cognac accent which is why a matching woven belt and clutch was added to the ensemble. Then I did not shy away from an earth tone trench coat to finish the look.

Day 4

NYFW Wardrobe Series

Blazer: ARMANI EXCHANGE (similar) | Vest: KIKI RIKI (similar| Graphic T-shirt: BURTON (similar| Denim Jeans: PRIMARK (similar| Combat Booties: PRIMARK (similar) | CapBOOHOO (similar) | Bag: SHOE DEPT ENCORE (similar) 

I always try to find an opportunity to wear my shaggy vest and this was one of them. I layered it with a graphic t-shirt and a color block blazer giving it almost a rockstar vibe paired with denim jeans and combat boots. Soften the look with a pearl-studded baseball cap. You can’t go wrong with going casual, edgy and comfortable.

Day 5

Dress: EVAN-PICONE (similar) | Duster Coat: PRIMARK (similar| Thigh High Boots: ALDO (similar) | Newsboy Cap: PRIMARK (similar) | Bag: FOREVER 21 (similar) | Cat-Eye SunglassesQUAY (similar) 

It was time to bring out the feminine side and wear that floral dress that has been sitting in the closet for so long. The dress is normally longer but I hacked it for a slight sexier appeal and finished it with a pair of thigh high boots. Instead of keeping this look with hard colors, I threw on some softer tones like blush pink and a maroon mini bag. I had to top off the whole look with this hat I bought in England.

Day 6

Blazer: PRIMARK (similar) | T-shirt: PRIMARK (similar| Pants: NASTY GAL (similar) | White Booties: IMPO (same) 
Bag: FOREVER 21 (similar) | Sunglasses: CHARMING CHARLIE (similar) 

These festive pants never go unnoticed. They are one of my favorite pair of trousers I love to wear. I paired them with a graphic t-shirt of the English flag and layered with a houndstooth blazer. It was a no-brainer to add a sling bag with a strap matching my shirt, pants, and boots.

Day 7

Dress: LOVE CULTURE (similar) | Ankle Boots: ZARA (similar) | Bag: ALDO (same) | SunglassesCHARMING CHARLIE (similar)

 Here is another dress that has been hidden away in the closet. But it was time to bring it out for Fashion Week. One of my favorite parts of the dress is the bulbous sleeve. I styled the dress with satin wrap belt to add a little flair. Instead of traditionally wearing a pair of heels, I opted for a pair of pointed toe ankle boots. This look reminds me of the show Gotham because of its dark tone but a bit more modern.


Happy Humpday fashion lovies!  I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and as you may know or not know, it is unofficially Summer!  Not that I am any excited about it due to the fact I hate the Summer (sorry, but not sorry).  Anyways, I have just come back from England last Saturday and I most certainly want to go back. Didn’t get the photo-shoot I hoped for during my stay.  But hopefully, once again I will travel back there this year. I am still finishing up this “Spring cleaning” series for you guys so I hope you are enjoying them. So let’s get to it!

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

I want to say this is definitely one of my favorite looks I had put together. Funny thing is, I had a bit of trouble rallying up this look. I mean, who doesn’t go through that. But I guess that’s when the best looks come together and surprise yourself of how great it turned out.  I started out with this long time mesh cotton blouse which I love because of the gold accented neckline and cuffs. Honestly, I can’t remember what brand it was. It was a gift and I had cut off the inside tags because they were remotely annoying under the shirt. I layered this top with a checkered blazer (love this jacket) and paired it with an olive green jogger pants. It is a favorite of mines because it’s comfortable and you are able to dress it up or down. I threw on a paired of white booties and a checkered newsboy hat to match the blazer. As for the bag, I wanted another earth tone color to balance out the olive pants so I grabbed my chic cognac satchel to go. 

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

 Mesh Blouse: N/A (similar) | Checkered Blazer: PRIMARK (similar) | Jogger Pants: PRIMARK (similar| Booties: IMPO (same) | Checkered Newsboy Hat: PRIMARK (similar) | SunglassesPRIMARK (similar)  | Satchel bag: FOREVER 21 (same)

And there you have it; another Spring cleaning look for your meticulous eyes. What surprised outfit did you put together that came out great? Comment below! Stay tuned for the next one. I have a couple more to share! Thanks for reading and Happy Styling!