¬†Konnichwa! I wish I could fluently speak Japanese, I would be so ecstatic. I went to one of my best friend’s baby shower on Sunday. It was pretty cool. A lot of family and friends were there and ALOT of gifts…large ones. Aside from that, this look that I rocked actually inspired me from some of the Japanese fashion I was viewing a couple of days ago. Of course, there are a magnitude of styles in Japan but I wouldn’t know the technical term of the style which I was looking at, but what I did notice were many over-sized clothing, tights and platforms shoes. The over-sized clothing is where I got the inspiration from concerning my pumpkin, yellow fall leave color sweater (Rachel Zoe). The printed blouse (Forever 21) was layered to give it more texture and a tailored look. The sweater garment is also very wearable; you can wear it with several different shirts and blouses under it to obtain the look you want. Notice I have two neutral colors (black & tan) and since I only had one popping color, I decided to add another forward color which where the blue clutch (Michael Kors) was paired. Two neutrals and two pop of colors. Good balance right? Thanks for reading and stay inspired!