I had fun with this ensemble. I could play around with my top. Tie the front in a knot, wear as a full button up or as is in the pictures. I went to another private designer sale in Manhattan for Loro Piana. I arrived there, of course, “fashionably” late but that was not my intention. I hardly had any time to look around because they were closing up and they had a lot of outerwear and accessories. I am sorry I didn’t get there earlier. I only purchased a scarf, a nice…pricey scarf. I also went to a couple of other stores too, which one of them I bought an “outfit”. I think I may post it in a couple of weeks just for the fun of it. So look out for something unusual on my blog in the latter weeks.

I wore another bold print and more conservative colors complementing it. ;P

Top @Forever 21
Jeans @H&M
Handbag @Coach
Booties@Love Culture