It is sample sale time once again! Oh I’ve missed them so! It’s been a few weeks since the last sample sale I have been too and Wednesday was the day. I went to a Tory Burch sale and they had some nice tops, bottoms and a couple of shoes that caught my eye. What I did notice was that the sizes of the clothing ran a little big so I had to get a size smaller. I tried on some pieces but they didn’t suffice so I bought a tote bag instead. Totes are not really my style but I thought to myself “It’s something different so let me get one”.  I was planning on going to another sale but I became sidetracked and was caught up in shopping at H&M. So It was already too late to go to the next sale. At least I was to get some goodies at some awesome prices!

A day out on the town with snow, it was time to pull out the appropriate boots for the weather: Knee high Timberland boots. I absolutely love this statement sweater I wore for my outfit. Not only does it have an abstract print but great texture :thick and soft protruding strings which made the sweater ultra soft and it feels amazing against the skin when worn. This chic pink beanie I wore had gold studs which gave it a bit of an edgy look. I can’t wait for it to snow again. I don’t know about the rest of you but I love snow. It’s like the icing on top for the holidays! Thank you for reading and stay fashionably warm!