Happy Thursday! I am so estatic to be back on board with my blog. I was so worried. But anyways, this was one of my favorite outfits although it was not the most enjoyable. Real talk, if I knew the exact person who designed this skirt, he or she would not be very happy with my feedback. As much as I love this skirt, I don’t think I will be wearing it again or at least anytime soon. It’s a shame because it raises up as you walk and the internal skirt is short enough. I literally had to pull the skirt down throughout the entire night out. NOT GOOD!

The fact of the matter is…it was still a great outfit. The Abstract Crop Top had a 80’s feel to it and I liked the abstract shapes and colors patterned on the fabric. Since it was already loud, I balanced it out with neutral colors, black and tan. The Sheer Maxi Skirt created a balance of edginess and softness that complimented the crop top. Although the top is very bold, the maxi skirt still stood out on it’s own. I layered my outfit with a Moto Jacket to intensify a more daring look and since my Peep Toe Wedges were black and nude plus an internal skirt, it elongated my legs, thus added quite so height. My bag is by www.robertmatthew.com. I hope you liked my look and there’s more to come. Thank you for reading and happy styling!