Hello fashion lovers! I feel so much like a smooth criminal in this outfit. I went to a fashion show called “The Collision” by Attitude Apparel and a date night to the movies with my hubby. There are several signature pieces; the hat (Charlotte Russe), blazer (Armani Exchange), skirt (Forever 21) and vest (NANA). But the most bold piece is the skirt. I love houndstooth prints. It is a classic and timeless print that never goes out of style and can be dressed up or down.

I found these boots in my just a few days ago. I didn’t remember I had them and they are perfect fall boots. They can be worn in two ways. Wear the flaps all the way up for a chic and softer look or wear the flaps down revealing the fleece material for a relaxed and dressed down look. The blazer added a more structured look to the ensemble and you can’t forget about the hat! Completely made of wool, it was warm and cozy and I absolutely love that I can mold the rim of the hat in any style I want to create a different feel and look to the outfit. Lastly, the vest which I haven’t worn in so long has finally come out of the closet. I love these type of vests because they give an outfit a more tailored look. Let’s see what else has been hiding in my closet. Thank you for reading and  happy fashion!