Dresses of the season

Summer is around the corner and I know many of you can’t wait to walk around in the heat, nearly naked. As for me, I will being chilling under some shed and enjoying (hopefully) nice, cool breezy winds with a cocktail in my hand. We don’t do heat around here, just shade and breezes. There are a plethora of dress trends for this Spring/Summer seasons and I don’t think you want to miss it, if you are looking to plan some SAFE, refreshing and exciting new adventures and outings. So without further a due, let’s get into the biggest dress trends!

Cut Outs

Cut-outs are definitely big this season and they come in an array of fabrics with different cuts, circular, geometrical, triangular, etc. I don’t mind feeling a little breeze on some part of the body when you might feel a little steamy in your outfit during a really hot day.


Crochets are another air-flowing piece that is upmost must-have. Perfect for those beach days, residing in a cute but stylish piece of knit work to pair with your swimsuit attire. Stick to the lighter weight knits and keep the heavier ones to the chillier days.

Lovely Lace

Lace is one of my favorite fabrics. It’s timeless, sophisticated (especially in white) and always chic. We are seeing lace being incorporated and reconstructed in various cuts, from razor cuts, circular, boxy, floral shapes, embellished with sequin and more. I am ready to wear a couple of my lace dress this summer but like I said previously, under the shade.


Fishnet is a tricky one. It can easily become raunchy if you don’t know how to wear it. But if you know how to pick the style and style it properly, it can be very fashionable. Fishnet are starting to pop up everywhere and its a trendy wear to conveniently through over a dress, a jumpsuit or even a swimsuit, if you’re that bold.


Sheer is another trend that is mustering up every where. Not only are they chic, they allow you to enjoy showing a little skin when you don’t want to bare it all out. Unless you are planning to go almost completely bare underneath, that’s your prerogative.


Draped dresses make me think of draped curtains that someone snatched off the window and decided to created a dress out of it like something out of Cinderella movie. Not my favorite trend but I could see myself pulling off some minimal draped detailing. Power to the gals and guys who will wear voluptuous draped dresses.


Knitted dresses has been trending for awhile now and for some reason, it still surprises me this is wearable in warm weather. I always associate knit with chillier season. I guess I will have to try it out for myself. Regardless, they look absolutely chic.


White, simplistic, crisp and neutral. You can never go wrong with a nice white dress. Minimalistic dresses allow your accessories to shine and add some accent to the garments.


Strappy dresses are quite feminine due to the exposure the shoulders and neckline. They make great a day or night outfit look. Dress it up for that date night or dress it down for a sweet but relaxed feel.

Light & Flowy

I love flowy dress because they can be quite grandeur in the movement of the fabric. Airy, light and can be ethereal depending on the cut, shape and fabric. Another very feminine attire that is perfect for this Summer.


Leather is another fabric I actually feel iffy about for warmer weather. I might pass on this one. Although, I have to admit it is stylish and I enjoy the array of colors and various cuts they have to offer.

Which dress trends are you looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer season? Or what may have you already been wearing?