Last Wednesday, I attended a book launch at Pottery Barn within celebration of“Ken Fulk’s Magical World” by author, entertainer and style-expert Ken Fulk. The night The first 20 attendees receive a signed copy of the book. I wasn’t able to snag a book since I had arrived later but I had the pleasure of talking with him about his first new book. He spoke his inspirations for the book and how he designs for clients.

We celebrated the evening of the launch with light bites and cocktails. During my time there, I decided to roam the store for a bit and view the type of home decor the store carried. Since Christmas time is around the corner, they had floral motif used in a decorative series on dinnerware, candles, lights, furniture, glasses. It was quite pleasing to the eye.

You can find his book on Amazon available for purchase. I hope your enjoyed the visuals. Until then, Happy Styling!