Happy Saturday! The weather is beautiful and it’s a great day to go take a stroll somewhere. Here in New York, we still are having “jacket weather” even though temperatures would be in the upper 60’s and 70’s.  Quite the unpredictable variable.  Well that’s New York for you.  Although I said stay tuned for the next look from the “Spring cleaning” series, I’ve decided the previous outfit will be the last of the series.  This look fits right into the weather we are having now, so I think it’s safe to say, it has already caught up.  So, here’s a question?  Do you enjoy pops of art?  That could mean on clothing or even on the wall behind me here.  I am not one really for graffiti but in some cases, I think it can look/be pretty cool.  Just not on residential or business buildings which are meant to look clean.  (I think this building is abandoned).  Well there is one thing that my outfit and this wall shares; it’s the pop art prints.

Pops of Art

 Pops of Art  Pops of Art  Pops of Art

I love polka dots and in my younger years, you couldn’t get me to wear them. But I have grown to love and appreciate them. Polka dots are hot once again this season especially with delicate blouses such as ruffle tops or off-the-shoulder. While I don’t own any of those yet in polka print, I have this polka dot button down to rely on. The necktie gives it character and I have the option to rock a bow or put a brooch (Nasty Gal) in place for a little more western feel. I layered the top with the once again, checkered or houndstooth printed blazer. If you follow my blog, you know I am one who is not afraid to mix prints.  I paired the two with my monogrammed Levi jeans (matches the blue on the graffiti wall) and my extra pointed toe ankle boots. An edgy but masculine inspired boot which gets a lift with an angular pointed toe. To top things off, I wore a leather-like baseball hat to hold down the urban/city element, some pink-tinted shades, and a soft, convenient gray monogrammed sling/clutch bag.

 Pops of Art  Pops of Art  Pops of Art  Pops of Art  Pops of Art  Pops of Art Pops of Art  Pops of Art  Pops of Art


Checkered Blazer: PRIMARK (similar) | Polka Dot Blouse: PRIMARK (similar) | Jeans: LEVI’S (similar| Shoes: ZARA (same) | Baseball Hat: PRIMARK (similar) | SunglassesPRIMARK (similar) | Sling bag: GIGI COLLECTION (same but different color)

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this look. What kind of pop art prints do you like? So please comment below! Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Styling!

Photography by: Patricia Darrabie