Happy Saturday and hello weekend! I hope all my fashion heads are enjoying Fashion Week so far. “My fashion week” commences tomorrow so I am looking forward to it. But simultaneously, it is going to be a long and hectic week so I have to prepare. Aside from that, let’s discuss my look.

I started with a Forever 21 silhouette blouse layered with a Double Zero denim embellished vest. I can’t remember when was the last time I wore a denim vest…(thinking). Not sure but… it was a breathe of fresh air for something recurringly different. I love the aligned zippers, pyramidic studs and the cut/structure. It gives the vest an edgy touch but somehow still has some subtleness to it. I, then paired the layers with Guess jeans; denim on denim, Love Culture studded ankle boots and lastly a Charlotte Russe hat for that country flair.


Another detail I loved about this ensemble was the print on the blouse. Geometry baby! Breezy and fun geometrical shapes denoting a relaxed look with neutral colors and if you notice, there are lazor-cut heart-shaped cut outs along the rim of the hat. More shapes!  A small detail that makes the hat stand out. The combination of the hat, ankles boots (pointed toe at that) and the vest reflected a nice country impression. I hope you enjoyed my look! Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!





Photography Credited to Jeff Smith