Welcome to another month of C’s October favorites! I am excited to share what things I found and used in the month of October with you. So let’s get straight to it. Scroll down to see what goodies I found.

C's October favorites

If you have sensitive skin like me, this is a great product YES To Calming Sleeping Mask (similar here) to use to keep your skin soothing and hydrated overnight. Not having to worry about having a literal mask on your face to take off calls for convenience. You apply it so on a freshly cleansed face and then take your behind to bed. It’s not called a sleeping mask for no reason and that’s the beauty of it. In the morning, just wash your face as usual.

I discovered this product via Polyvore at an event they were hosting. Herban Essentials (similar here) are these little packets of towelettes made with pure essential oils. Comes with five different oil scents. What I love most about them are their multiple uses and amazing smell. These are just some of their uses but there are much more ways to use these awesome wipes.

  • Peppermint is good for wiping countertops, phones, keyboards, appliances in the home or office.
  • Lavender is good for removing makeup, cleaning hands and as a scented-like sachet.
  • Orange is good for cleanup after public transportation and removing food odors on hands.
  • Lemon is good to freshen up after a workout and cleaning tar and sand off after a beach day.
  • Eucalyptus is good as a deodorant and enjoying its aromatics vapors in a hot shower.

C's October favorites

Remember in September’s favorites (right here), I spoke about the Valdecio watch wear? Well, this month’s favorite discloses the fragrance and moisturizing oil. Starting with the Valedecio fragrance oil (similar here), it is my favorite of the two. It yields a very light and airy aroma with notes such as grapefruit, ginger, sage, cedar and grapeseed oil. Supposedly, the oil is unisex but to my senses, it smells more masculine and to others, it may smell more feminine.

Next is the Valdecio moisturizing oil (similar here) which is best used right after a bath or shower and while the skin is still wet. So you get the immediate effect of the oil and its first fragrance layer. Essence notes entail grapeseed oil, avocado, coconut and vitamin E oils. Now the cherry on top is all the ingredients are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms). So that means, it all raw and natural which is always best!

This kissable lipstick “So Marilyn” by Charlotte Tilbury (similar here) has become one of my newly obsessions. It is rich in color and moisturizing for the lips. It also has antioxidants and protection against UV rays. The red is rich and of course, it’s classic so you can’t go wrong. I also greatly admire a lipstick that doesn’t give you the “butthole lips“.

C's October favorites

Don’t mind the beat up package box. I already threw it out as well. But that is beside the point. This serum or essence-in-lotion by La Prairie (similar here) is amazing and does wonders! Another one of my newly obsessions, I felt an instant difference on my skin after applying it. It hydrates, conditions and leaves the skin soft and supple. Infused with caviar rich components that also lifts and firms your skin. Not that I need that right now but I am so in love.

C's October favorites

Highlighters are life and I am pretty picky when it comes to my highlighters. I prefer the use of this illuminator Maybelline Master chrome by FaceStudio (similar here) with another highlighter I generally use that has a creamery consistency. The metallic pigments give off a warm, rich reflective finish which is why I mix it. I use it every day to add just a little extra pop to my cheekbones and nose bridge.

Last but not least, my own mini vanity case! The earlier case only partially organized my makeup so it was time for a change. I love my new PS Pro Vanity case (different brand similar here) and it fits all my essentials and more. Four sideways compartments with two levels with a large makeup section underneath. My life suddenly just became a little more organized.  Oh, here is even a better depiction of the case.

C's October favorites

Photo Courtesy of Primark

So there you have it. Another month of C’s October favorites. Let me know what were your favorites for the month of October. Share by commenting below. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Styling!