On September 11, designer Dan Liu showcased his Spring/Summer 19 collection at NYFW The Shows at Spring Studios. The collection was called “Part 1 of the Ima, Nippon“, translated to “Nowadays, Japan“. The show commenced in true fashion with the designer himself masked, performing a samurai dance.

Dan Liu

Dan Liu‘s signature feminine cocktail dresses graced the runway but with the influence of the Japanese spirit, which is a part of his heritage. The Southeastern country is rare in maintaining it’s traditional culture in modern society today, even though technology and progress have caused changes in its development and made traditions fade away. Liu‘s goal was to produce a collection that enveloped this juxtaposition between modernity and traditional culture. 

The designer used his design elements like traditional masks, fabrics, and colors to show that Japanese culture is harmonious and diverse. So women all over the world could wear his creations with joy, confidence, and comfortability. Liu‘s signature lace, embroidery, and beading enhanced the design of the delicate dresses. His choice of fabrics and textiles was influenced by the designer’s multicultural heritage and based on seasonal features such as lightness, airiness, floral materials, and butterfly accents. This collection mainly consisted of black, pink, blue and white. But there were several mixed colors and patterns in the collection representing the diversity and complexity of Japan as a unique country with its history, discipline, and culture.

Photo Credit: Imaxtree