What is it about denim? Well, it’s a universal fashion staple. Known for it comfort and versatility, it has been a timeless fabric and stylistic for centuries, There many options of denim available and sometimes can be daunting when looking for the right fit. Don’t forget the different ways they can be worn and the variations of each piece made, giving us too many selections for days. But before we start, I just find out they are 27 different types of jeans. One corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. Amazing….anyways. Let’s take a look at some denim.

Denim Pants

Very relaxed but poise. Dressy than the normal jeans but still casual. These pants denotes a whole different side of opulence to denim.

Denim Jacket

It’s one of those jackets that you can throw over anything. Just like a moto jacket, denim jackets create a very stylish appeal regardless of its relaxed look. It’s an all day comfort. It’s what you called a hip factor.

Denim Overalls

Good ol’ overalls are fun, revolting (rebellious) and lives on the edge. I normally find overalls on the edgier side, easy to transition from preppy to a bad girl status.

Denim Romper

Denim rompers are chic and very tasteful. A great transitional piece, from day to-night.

Denim Skirt

Skirt for the lady? Of course, sometimes we all love something a little more on the feminine side, not afraid to show some legs in a streamlined denim skirt. Undeniably a classic, denim skirts are one intrusion of the relaxed. It’s has a special deluxe and sophistication.

Denim Chambray Dress

Remotely seducible, chambray dresses are definitely easy on the eyes, innocent and minimalistic. It’s hard to make a mistake with this one.

Denim Jumpsuit25c1b32917e0c790c369ff063b4e9512

I need to get me one of these but the hardest part is finding the right one that fits perfectly or it can look like loose skin on the bones. Looks best in form-fitting having a reflective taste that is contemporary, polished and with a flattering appeal.

Thanks for reading and stay stylish!