Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far! I curated this look actually a while back but I am just getting a chance now to post and share it with you all. This is one of my favorite dresses, that I had cooped up in my closet for years…surprisingly, it still fits ^_^.  The 2 Cute dress has this lovely chained connected graphic of a rose in the front with scripted words trickling down the left side of the garment. It’s what caught my attention when I first bought it, along with its femme fatale contour fit. I, then layered my dress with a Double Zero angular denim embellished vest. As I have mentioned this vest in a prior post, I stated I loved the cut and structure of the vest due to its unique appeal.

After all, this casual look was completed with edgy Bakers wedges and a touch of luxe using a Kate Spade shoulder bag.



Although my outfit was not drowned in dark hues, I threw on dark Coach sunglasses and lipstick in passion berries (Em Cosmetics) for a deep contrast and tough edge. Tell me what you think about this look! Thank you for reading and happy styling!