Hey fashionistas and fashionists! Happy Friday and thank goodness! My week has been very long and I am so ecstatic for a break. (You’re almost done, hang in there). Well, it is  another week of street style favorites and this time we are stopping in Spain. I actually had a different country in mind before Spain. Barbados, but I couldn’t find a thing about street style then I looked into Costa Rica, nothing. But here are my Spain favorite finds.

This one was interesting. The shorts are styled a bit sloppy but somehow it works with the blazer. The scarf is what really topped it off. Looks comfy and fashionable

Boy, don’t she have long legs. Aside from that, I love this monochrome look and it’s a shade of purple I actually like, lavender! The shorts have glowing ambre like effect and the gold accessories accent the look perfectly.

This minimalism at it’s best but…only when I am in the mood for it or if I can’t figure what I really want to wear. “Less is more”, as they say but I still find it fascinating when such a simplistic style can look so modern and fresh.

Obviously the fur and shades say it all. I’ve been bought.

Modern, funky and relaxed with a sleek edge. Those shoes give a nice sporty touch.

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A plunging contemporary and tailored outfit is always reliable.

That’s it for this week street style favorites. Stay tuned until the next one. I might also be changing the name of the series. We will see. Thank you for reading !