Where did I leave off? Ahh yes! As the adventures continued, we headed our way off to celebrate street style with ESSENCE hosted by Vanessa Simmons, in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Unfortunately, we did miss some of the festivities that went on earlier at the block party but no worries. The party was still going even after our late arrival. As we hit the streets, we saw masses of stylish bodies, fashion and unbending cultural art around every corner we turned.

As we continued our stroll down the block, we stumbled upon a fellow vendor selling cold ice drinks, which I mistaken as “quarter waters”. I wasn’t familiar with the term “jungle juice”. Before I knew it, I was drinking one of these bad boys (rum punches) enjoying the richness of the drink and with a catchy phrase named “Mixxi Punch” by the Brooklyn Social.

I was a little disappointed because of my early departure from the girls, I had missed the opportunity to meet Jay Manuel in person. But all is well.  Several other cultural artists walked the streets of Dumbo and we captured awesome moments of them.

After the block party, “my day” of adventure was still not over. It was time to hit the town with New York Fashion Week shows! Stay tuned for the first NYFW show that I attended on the same night. To be continued…