You are probably searching for sunglasses since the time has been getting warmer and that doesn’t mean you should opt out of wearing them either just because you have to neighbor them with the friendly neighborhood mask. As per usually certain styles always recycle in fashion but this year with a spin; a recreation, if you will.  In a futuristic realm of frames with cut outs, cool waves, accents or next level shapes with taking inspiration from the 70s. Its go bold or go home! So I have rounded a list of upcoming eye-wear trends so you don’t have to. Here is everything you need to know about Spring/Summer eye wear trends for 2021.


Spring/Summer Eye Wear The Aviator is a classic and never goes out of style. It’s distinctive design and aesthetic is what makes it an enduring accessory.

Elongated Frames

Spring/Summer Eye Wear Perfect for the fashionista out there who wants to make a confident statement. These babies are coming back and in more shapes and colors than before.

Colorful Frames

Spring/Summer Eye Wear Trendy, bold and in-your-face statement spectacles are fun and comes in all shapes and sizes. This category maybe the most creative of the bunch due to its geometrical and recreated shapes. Giving you the options to play around shape and color.

Yellow Lensen

Spring/Summer Eye Wear Known for their vision clarity, reducing eye strain and eye protection, yellow lenses have made their way onto the runway. These color polarizing eye-wear not only provide that extra protection but it’s a demanding statement that adds a punch of coolness to any look.

Cat-Eye Frames

Spring/Summer Eye Wear The classic cat-eye sunglasses are your best friend. Forever and always. They have had a wide history being worn by librarians, secretaries to celebrities.  The cat-eye didn’t catch on to popularity at first but more-so ending being one of the classiest sunglasses that stand the test of time.

White Frames

Spring/Summer Eye Wear What is Summer or Spring without a pair of white shades? Its a must-have and a classic neutral. If you are in the market for a white sunglasses, opt for a clean white tone that really pops in any frame style.

What eye-wear trend will you be wearing this Spring?